The FIW organises a range of different conferences throughout the year which are attended by high ranking experts and professionals. All have certain things in common: their interdisciplinary approach and the combination of knowledge and practice.

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  1. The Innsbruck Symposion

    The Innsbruck Symposium is oriented towards leading representatives from the worlds of academia, business, advocacy and public administration at the national and international level. It serves the discussion of important and current issues concerning economic constitution and competition regulation. The meeting also provides participants with the opportunity to illuminate the different themes in the course of discussion groups and personal exchanges of views from different perspectives. The FIW Innsbruck Symposium is regarded very highly by experts in this field.

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  2. The Bonn Colloquium

    The Bonn Colloquium deals with themes and topics concerning European and German competition law and serves the discussion with employees of the Federal Cartel Office.

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  3. Brüsseler Informationstagung

    The FIW Brüsseler Informationstagung provides a forum which allows legal professionals and economists from law firms, businesses, associations and authorities to find out about the latest developments in the area of European competition law and to discuss these directly with representatives from the directorate general for competition from European Commission.

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  4. FIW-Ferienkurs

    The FIW-Ferienkurs focuses on the economic and legal issues surrounding competition regulations and is attended by experienced speakers from anti-trust authorities, universities, courts and companies. It is oriented towards masters- and doctoral level students and postdoctoral students studying in the area of law and economics whose research concerns competition law and competition theory and policy, as well as trainees and young professionals from companies, authorities and associations.

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  5. The Cologne Seminar

    The Cologne Seminar focuses on public administration and jurisprudence pertaining to competition law. Acclaimed members of the European Commission and employees of authorities, legal organisations and universities as well as experienced professionals from the business world are able to find out about the latest developments concerning national and international competition law.

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In addition to this, we also hold events and conferences in cooperation with other institutions.

Our calendar provides you with an overview of our conferences.